Wet roads cause multi-car crash on California highway

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Wet roads can prove disastrous for drivers who lose control of their vehicles on the slippery surface of the road. Such conditions often result in a car accident, which may involve multiple vehicles and result in a number of people being injured.

A recent crash on a California highway involved as many as 11 vehicles according to the California Highway Patrol. The crash started when one car spun out on a wet road around 4:45 in the morning, and then stalled. Another vehicle then collided with a center divide to avoid hitting the spun-out car. Two additional cars collided with each other in an effort to avoid the previous accident. At least two other vehicles also crashed when they swerved to avoid the wreckage. Of the drivers and passengers of the vehicles involved, six were treated at the crash site for injuries sustained in the crash and two were sent to an area hospital for treatment.

While the extent of the injuries in this accident is unknown, when a person is injured in an auto accident they may seek financial recovery for the incident. Such recovery could include compensation for medical expenses, future medical expenses and pain and suffering.

To recover for medical expenses, a plaintiff must prove their injury was caused by the accident and resulted in the need for such expenses. In addition, a plaintiff may be compensated for future medical expenses resulting from the accident. To recover for future medical expenses, the plaintiff must provide the jury with sufficient proof of costs involved, so that the jury can accurately estimate an appropriate monetary award. Finally, a plaintiff may be able to recover for pain and suffering associated with the accident. In assessing the costs associated with the plaintiff’s pain and suffering, courts will take into account the type of injury involved and the length of time the plaintiff was and will be in pain.

While wet roads played a significant factor in this accident, no fatalities were reported. Injuries and a complicated rush-hour were fortunately the only serious effects of this multi-car accident.

Source: Novato Patch, “Highway 101 Crash in Marinwood Injures 6,” Brent Ainsworth, Oct. 11, 2012

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