USC reforms security measures with new procedures

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Young people living on college campuses expect their universities to provide adequate security measures for their safety. Negligent security on a university campus in California could not only put the lives of students, professors and visitors at stake. The university itself could find itself facing a premises liability lawsuit.

The University of Southern California (USC) has unveiled some new security measures aimed at keeping students and visitors on campus safe. The measures are in response to a shooting that occurred on campus last Halloween. Four individuals were wounded in that shooting. The new security measures include placing extra guards and security cameras on campus. Students in the campus dorms must be able to present their IDs at any time. In addition, guests at the university must register with the university by providing an ID and submitting to a fingerprint scan. Finally, under the new plan only eight of the campus’s 27 entrances will be open between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. A person will only be allowed on campus during those hours if they are students or staff with a university issued identification card.

When a person is assaulted or attacked on a university campus, the university may face liability in a subsequent negligence lawsuit due to inadequate security. In such a case, the court would first look at the security standards already in place and consider whether similar crimes have taken place on campus. The court will then determine whether the university’s security efforts were appropriate, and whether the university should be liable for negligence.

Students at USC claim they feel safer now with the new security measures in place. Hopefully, these security measures will prevent future attacks, and will keep students and staff safe.

Source: NBC Southern California, “USC’s Nighttime Security Plan Starts,” Jason Kandel and Beverly White, Jan. 14, 2013

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