Southern California pastor arrested for alleged sexual abuse

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Sexual abuse is terrible no matter who the abuser is. However, frequently the abuse is doubly shocking because the abuser is someone close to the victim. A victim of sexual abuse may find it difficult to come forward about the abuse because the abuser is an authority figure, such as a relative, teacher or clergyman. This means many cases of abuse go unreported for many years or are simply never reported. Sadly, this often allows the abuser to find more victims.

Rialto police arrested a Compton protestant pastor on Aug. 22, 2012, on suspicion that he molested at least two Rialto girls for several years. One of the girls was 11 years old when the abuse is alleged to have begun. The other alleged victim, who is said to be related to the pastor, is now 29, but was 17 when she was allegedly assaulted. Police suspect there are other victims who have yet to come forward. The pastor had been at the church for more than 10 ten years, and his father also preached at the church before him.

In cases of sexual abuse, there is often a criminal court case. In addition, there are civil remedies for victims of sexual abuse and/or assault. Victims may be entitled to compensation for emotional and physical trauma suffered, medical treatment or therapy, and economic damage suffered as a result of the abuse. Furthermore, while the abuser may not be able to pay damages ordered by a court, there is the option of filing a claim of negligent harm of a third party if the abuse should have been prevented by another party, for instance a church.

This case again shows how difficult it is to deal with the emotional trauma of sexual abuse. Neither of the two known victims apparently was able to come forward until now despite years of abuse. As the investigation continues, it is not unlikely that more victims will emerge.

Source: The Sun, “Compton pastor arrested on suspicion of molesting 2 Rialto girls,” Melissa Pinion-Whitt, Aug. 16, 2012

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