Police officers suffer minor injuries in car accident

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Usually police come to the scene of a car crash, so what happens when police officers are the ones involved in the accident? It turns out that they follow the same procedures as everyone else. For example, police officers involved in a car accident in Los Angeles in the afternoon on April 23 were taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

The four-car crash occurred on Santa Monica Blvd. Besides the police officers, no other parties were injured.

Just before the accident, there was a robbery at a fast food restaurant. The suspect had been caught at a school near the accident, so it is believed that police may have been attempting to respond to that crime.

There were no other details provided about how the accident occurred, so it was not immediately clear if a civil lawsuit may arise in this situation. One of the drivers may have been negligent in order for the accident to occur, but there could be other causes for the accident. Ignoring traffic laws and signals, speeding and alcohol and drug use are just a few. Reckless driving, which involves excessive lane changing, speeding and passing, can also be a factor. Vehicles have also been known to malfunction through no fault of the driver.

In some cases, a car accident may not even be caused by another driver. The roadways are not totally devoid of malfunctions or imperfections. Traffic signals can malfunction, roadways can become damaged through normal wear and tear and improper design, such as poor lighting or trees, poles and other hazards, can also lead to accidents. The key for victims is to begin to piece together which party was responsible so that any compensation that is needed can be pursued.

Source: Patch.com, “Two LAPD Officers Injured in Hollywood Traffic Collision,” Dan Abendschein, April 23, 2013

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