New guidelines say sit children out when it comes to brain injury

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On behalf of The Law Office of Marvin S. Lanter posted in Brain Injury on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

It is well known to many in California that sports are a common cause of concussions in children. However, new guidelines issued by the American Academy of Neurology reveal that a traumatic brain injuryneeds to be taken more seriously than previously thought.

Coaches of youth sports are urged by the American Academy of Neurology to take a “when in doubt, sit ‘em out,” policy when it comes to possible concussions. The new guidelines also emphasize that although team sports such as football cause concussions, the largest cause of concussions comes from biking, an individual sport.

Previously, it was thought that when it comes to concussions, a player’s injuries could be monitored to determine whether they have recovered enough to continue playing. However, it is now believed that any suspected concussion requires a full individualized evaluation and that the player should not return to sports until the concussion has healed. In fact, if a child who has suffered a concussion returns to sports before the injury has healed, they are much more likely to sustain traumatic brain injuries in the future, particularly in the 10 days following the initial injury.

Given the dangers concussions present, it is vital to recognize the warning signs and symptoms of such an injury. Brain trauma can cause the victim to experience feelings of confusion and weakness. The victim may also may complain of headaches or nausea. In addition, brain injury victims may become especially drowsy. These symptoms may be present even if no external bleeding, bruising or head injury can be seen.

Coaches and youth sports programs that urge players to shake off their injuries and keep playing could be liable in a lawsuit should that player suffer further injuries. It is therefore important that children who sustain a possible concussion be treated as soon as possible.

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