Man, 19, killed by hit-and-run driver in Commerce

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On behalf of The Law Office of Marvin S. Lanter posted in Car Accidents on Friday, July 27, 2012.

A 19-year-old man was killed around 11 p.m. Thursday after he was hit while crossing an intersection in Commerce. Authorities are still investigating what happened, but they have said the fatal car accident may have been caused by illegal street racing.

The incident occurred where Eastern Avenue meets Randolph Street. Witnesses said the man was in the middle of the street when he was struck by a large, dark-colored vehicle that appeared to either be an SUV or a pickup truck. The vehicle then fled the site of the accident. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have said there seems to have been a street race going on in the area at the time. However, they are not sure if the vehicle that is believed to have hit the man was involved in the race. Typically, the kinds of vehicles used in street racing are smaller and sportier than trucks and SUVs.

Regardless of whether the driver was illegally racing or whether he or she was simply careless, it was wrong to flee the scene. Because of what this driver did, a human life ended. Although it would be sad and wrong for anyone to die this way, the fact that the victim was only 19 is especially sad because this man did not even have a chance to really live life yet.

Although the man’s family probably is probably consumed with grief at the moment, later on they made decide to file a wrongful death suit over what happened here.

Source: The Los Angeles Times, “Man fatally hit in Commerce while street race underway,” July 27, 2012

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