Los Angeles teacher faces allegations by 5 students of sex crimes

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The sexual assault of a child could have a devastating affect for years to come. When the allegations involve inappropriate sexual contact by a teacher, the school district’s quick action to remove that teacher could be pivotal in preventing further assaults. And while sexual assault could lead to a criminal conviction, a victim of sexual abuse may find that their only recourse for monetary compensation is through a civil lawsuit.

A Los Angeles school teacher allegedly engaged in unlawful sexual conduct with five children, as well as a female co-worker. Additional reports of sexual misconduct involving this teacher were made four years ago and eight years ago, but the principal at the time failed to report the allegations. The teacher has plead not guilty to the 15 felony counts against him, and proclaims he is innocent. However, he was removed from the school back in March when the parents of the victims reported the assault to the police. The ongoing investigation involved compiling over 70 interviews. In a similar case involving the sexual assault of a student by a teacher, the district was held liable for $6.9 million.

While the exact laws vary state-by-state, sexual contact is usually considered assault if it occurs due to coercion, force or without the victim’s consent. A victim of sexual assault can suffer severe emotional trauma as a result of the assault. When this happens, the victim may pursue monetary compensation through a civil lawsuit. One thing they may sue under is intentional infliction of emotional distress. To prevail under such a suit, the victim must show that the contact between the victim and the defendant was extreme, outrageous and either intentional or reckless. In addition, the victim must have suffered severe emotional distress as a result of the contact.

Sexual assault, particularly if it involves a child, is a very serious allegation. While perpetrators of sexual assault may be found guilty in a court of law, a subsequent civil lawsuit may be another way for victims to find compensation and closure.

Source: ABC News, “Sex Abuse Claims Made Against Los Angeles Teacher,” Greg Risling, Jan. 25, 2013

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