I’ve Just Had a Car Accident, What Should I Do Now?

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Drivers face car accident risks every day, yet not many know what to do when they are involved in a collision. Passengers may be injured and emotions can run high.

When you are involved in a collision in Los Angeles, try to stay as calm as possible, for there are important things to do at the scene, and soon afterwards:

  1. Check all people involved for injuries, and, if necessary, call for emergency medical assistance immediately, particularly when a person appears to have serious injuries – including profuse bleeding, unconsciousness or neck or back pain. Avoid moving any injured person until medical help arrives.
  2. Call the police to the scene and request a police report of the accident. Get the names and badge numbers of the responding police officers.
  3. Obtain important information about the other vehicles and occupants. Write down names, phone numbers, addresses, driver license numbers, vehicle license plate numbers and basic insurance information of the other parties.
  4. Wherever possible, a good way to do record information is to use your smartphone to take pictures of the driver’s license, car license plate, and cars’actual positions at the accident site, road conditions, and other important details. Pictures of damage sustained by your car will help establish the value of property damage that you can claim against the party at fault.
  5. Talk to witnesses and request their names and contact details.
  6. Do not apologize for anything at the scene or admit fault for what happened. Instead contact your Los Angeles car accident lawyer, Marvin S. Lanter. Accidents happen quickly and unexpectedly and there are many factors involved and pinpointing liability – so closer examination of every detail surrounding the incident is necessary. Admitting liability at the onset is not only premature but can also hurt your claim for damages later.
  7. Keep records of medical treatment. Start a journal of events, noting details of the accident and of medical treatment, care, procedures and medications received for injuries you may have sustained during the accident. Keep a file of medical papers and documents such as prescriptions, tests, lab reports and receipts which may help you prove medical expenses at the appropriate time.
  8. Avoid communicating directly with the other party, their lawyer, and insurance company. Let your car accident attorney discuss the accident and negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Here in Los Angeles, Marvin S. Lanter has over 30 years of experience in personal injury claims, including those resulting from car accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents. We work diligently yet compassionately to obtain fair settlements for our clients and aggressively pursue claims in court when necessary.

We invite your call to the Law Office of Marvin S. Lanter on 310-276-1142 to discuss your car accident personal injury claim.

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