Injured in Unsafe Premises? When to File a Slip and Fall Claim

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People who step into shops, restaurants, offices and other places face risks of slip and fall accidents. Floor conditions that provide unstable footing may cause people to lose their balance and fall, and while the resulting injuries may be minor, some injuries may be disabling and even fatal.

If you’ve suffered injuries as a result of a slip, trip and fall accident in someone’s home or a public place or shop, we advise you to contact our Los Angeles personal injury law firm to explore the possibility of obtaining compensation for your injuries.

Slip and Fall Accident: General Overview

A slip and fall accident is a type of personal injury claim that a person can file against the property owner in which an accident occurred. The claim for compensation is based on the legal principle that the owner has a duty to provide a safe environment and seek to prevent injuries on their property. Certain elements such as dangerous conditions, owner’s knowledge and negligence, which must be proven in order to obtain fair compensation for your injury.

Slip and fall accidents can happen in commercial premises (restaurants, shops or offices) and residential properties (rented homes, friends’ homes).

Dangerous Floor Conditions

To be awarded damages in a claim, your lawyer must be able to prove the presence of a dangerous condition that is the direct cause of your injury, such as:

  • Torn carpets
  • Poor lighting conditions
  • Uneven floors
  • Wet floor
  • Broken or cracked sidewalk

Knowledge of Dangerous Condition

The owner of the premises must have created or caused the condition, or the condition must have existed long enough for the owner to have discovered it.

Owner’s Negligence

Despite this knowledge, the owner must be proven to have failed to correct the condition before the accident occurred.

Seeking Legal Representation

In addition to proving your injuries and the other party’s legal responsibility and negligence, timeliness in filing your claim is key. At The Law Office of Marvin S. Lanter, we advise anyone who is involved in an accident to consult a lawyer immediately before the Statute of Limitations can bar your claim in court. To arrange a free consultation to discuss your potential claim, our Los Angeles attorneys welcome your call at (310) 276-1142.

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