Effects of traumatic brain injury in children could last 3 months

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California children playing sports such as football or hockey run the risk of sustaining numerous injuries, including concussions. However, according to a new study, when a child suffers a traumatic brain injury, the effects of the injury could be felt for months.
The study followed 30 children, half of whom had severe concussions. It focused on the white matter of the brain, which is composed of nerves covered by an insulating layer of fat. Through brain scans and cognitive testing, researchers concluded three months after getting injured, the children with concussions had changes in the white matter of their brains. This means that when a child who receives a second concussion within the first few months after sustaining the first concussion, they may damage already affected brain matter, exasperating the injuries sustained.
In addition, the study showed that children receiving concussions are more severely affected than adults who receive concussions.
When a child suffers a head injury, including brain trauma, several symptoms may be present. The child may feel tired or have trouble remembering things. The child may also experience nausea and headaches. Some common brain injuries are bruising, tearing and swelling. When the brain is forced back and forth after a fall, bruising or bleeding may occur. A head injury could also cause the brain to tear, damaging the nerves. Likewise, brain swelling due to a head injury could become especially problematic if the brain swells to the point where there is no more room for it to go.

If a concussion or other head injury is suspected, it is important that the victim receive medical attention. If the victim pursues a negligence lawsuit as a result of their injury, the medical report may impact the amount of compensation the victim receives.

Source: My Health News Daily, “Concussions May Affect Kids for Months,” Dec. 11, 2012

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