Bill aims to restore funding for paralysis research in California

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There are approximately 5.6 million Americans living with paralysis, and another 12,000 are hospitalized every year due to spinal cord injuries. When one is totally unable to move, even the simplest activities such as getting out of bed present insurmountable challenges. For victims of paralysis, hope for a cure is paramount. However, a personal injury lawsuit may be another way for these victims to move towards recovery.

A new bill introduced in the California legislature aims to raise $2 million for paralysis research. So far, the bill has cleared the Health Committee, and is now awaiting an Appropriations Committee hearing. This bill is especially important for those who suffered spinal cord injuries in accidents or while playing sports. Through this bill, funding would be restored to the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research center. The Roman Reed Spinal Injury Research center was formed in 2000, and its funding was renewed until 2011, when it ceased due to the economic downturn in the state of California. The center is named after a victim of paralysis following a football injury.

While many people will receive a spinal cord injury through sports injuries or car accidents, birth injuries or the misdiagnosis or failure to treat a medical illness may also result in temporary or permanent paralysis. Greater treatment or even a cure for paralysis is a goal not only for those who treat these types of injuries, but also for those who suffer them. These victims often require years of medical treatment and rehabilitation.

When a spinal cord injury results from the actions of another, these victims may pursue a lawsuit to recover compensation for these costs. The type of lawsuit depends on the injury sustained. Persons injured in car accidents, on carnival rides or while playing sports may pursue a negligence claim against the responsible parties. In addition, those who are paralyzed due to a doctor’s misdiagnosis may bring a medical malpractice claim as well.

Those who receive spinal cord injuries due to the negligence of another deserve to have those responsible held accountable for their actions. Until a cure for paralysis can be found, these victims may find a personal injury lawsuit to be an invaluable aspect of their recovery.

Source: Huffington Post, “If You Were Paralyzed: Two Champions You’d Want on Your Side,” Don C. Reed, April 26, 2013

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