3 hurt when car crashes into Los Angeles-area Target

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One of the many dangers present on the road is the possibility that another driver will fail to obey a stop sign. However, people reasonably expect that they will not fall victim to a car accident in the safety of a store or building. But when a car goes crashing into a storefront, customers may find themselves in danger.

Investigators report a 72-year-old California woman drove her car through the doors of a Los Angeles-area Target store and into the electronics section. She apparently had failed to stop at a three-way stop sign. Two customers and the driver were injured in the accident. One customer injured a hip, while the other customer was reported in critical condition after sustaining a serious head injury.

It is not yet known whether the driver was impaired in any way. The woman’s son told the media that he thinks her foot might have accidentally hit the gas.

When a person suffers a head injury or other injury in a car accident, that person may be entitled to receive compensation for their medical expenses and pain and suffering. It is also possible to recover for future medical expenses that may result from the accident. In determining the amount of damages related to the victim’s pain and suffering, the court may take into account both past and future physical pain.

When a car drives into a building, the result can be catastrophic not only for the structural integrity of the building, but for the people inside the building as well. While such accidents are unusual, they do occur, and victims may seek compensation for their damages.

Source: New York Daily News, “BMW crashes through Target store, 3 hurt,” Charlie Wells, Oct. 27, 2012

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